Oral Sex

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Regardless of sexual orientation, oral sex is performed and enjoyed by everyone.  It involves the stimulation of the genitalia (penis or vagina) through the use of mouth, tongue, teeth and throat.  Oral sex performed on women is called Cunnilingus while oral sex performed on men is called Fellatio.

Oral sex has risks of transmitting Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) like Hepatitis, HIV-AIDS and others.  In terms of HIV-AIDS transmission, it is known to have less risk compared to anal and vaginal sex.  Mouth sores and gum problems can pose an increase risk of STI infection.  Brushing of teeth, flossing, eating crunch food soon after or before oral sex can cause microscopic scrapes or scratches in the mouth.  These microscopic viruses can enter through these scrapes and infect the person.  To minimize infection from STI, the use of a condom (penis) and dental dam (mouth) is recommended.  It is for this reason condoms are made in different flavors (chocolate, strawberry, mint, etc...)

Oral hygiene is important when engaging in oral sex.  It can cause bad breath, dental, tonsil and throat problems.  In a medical study, it was suggested that oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer.  Brushing of teeth and flossing is important as long as it is not soon after or before oral sex.  Also the use of mouthwash and lozenges (Strepsils and other brands) is recommended to minimize bacteria growth in the mouth and throat.

Anal Sex

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There is this misconception that only homosexuals and bisexuals engage in Anal Sex.  There is also a growing number of straight men and women who does it.  Some straight women engage in anal sex to avoid pregnancy and at the same time technically preserve their virginity.

Women find it pleasurable as the rectum shares the same wall lining with the vagina and sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, which make the sensation unique, stronger and quite possibly orgasmic.  Men on the other hand gets pleasure from the stimulation of the prostate gland which is also located along the rectum wall.

It is important to empty the rectum of feces before engaging in anal sex.  This is usually done through enema or anal douches.  Professional advise is recommended in performing enema or anal douches as it might damage your internal intestine and cause dependency for bowel movement.

What you eat can also affect how you bottom.  So if you plan to bottom in the evening, do not eat heavy meals for the entire day.  Light meals only so you would not have problems cleaning yourself later in the day.
Anal Douche

The anus contains several sensitive nerve endings that can be stimulated and aid in male and female orgasm.  This can be done through anal play or rimming (using the tongue to stimulate the anus).  However there are health issues regarding this method of stimulation as microbes from feces are present.  This is the most common way of transmitting Hepatitis A, B and other viral infections.

The intestinal walls does not feel any pain.  Therefore foreign objects inserted in the anus might get stuck and cause internal bleeding without knowing it.  Caution is therefore advised.  Avoid sharp or rough objects being inserted in the anus.  Fingernails should be trimmed and piled.  When inserting a foreign object in the anus, make sure the base of the object is wide enough to stop it from being sucked in the anus.  Vegetables are sometimes used for anal masturbation but can leave microorganism in the rectum and breed bacteria.

Heavy lubrication is important in anal sex as the anus does not produce natural lubricants like the vagina.  Water based personal lubricant is recommended.  These are available in local pharmacies here in Cagayan de Oro, such as EZ Lubricating Jelly, KY Jelly and others.  If no water based lubricants are available, saliva or spit is acceptable.  Lotions (body and hand), baby oil and other oil based lubricants are not recommended as it causes skin irritation and fissure of the skin.  Oil based products can also damage or cause condom breakage.

The use of condoms is important to avoid skin (rubbing of skin can cause micro skin fissures or scaring and cause blood exposure) and semen contact which is the common mode of HIV-AIDS transmission, Hepatitis and other viral infections.  Condom breakage is common in anal sex.  Change condom often and apply heavy lubrication (water based or saliva only).

Bleeding of the anus is common during the first anal sex.  To avoid massive bleeding, the anus should be stimulated (fingering) and enough personal lubricants (water based) should be applied.  It will take several tries before total insertion of the penis is achieved.  Insertion of the penis should be done gradually to avoid more anal damage.  After anal sex, flatulence (farting) and bowel movement will become regular since the anal muscles are now loose and could not contract.  Itching will follow a day after as the anus tries to heal.

In some countries, anal sex is considered illegal especially in conservative societies.  In some US States, the Anti-Sodomy laws are still being upheld.  In the Philippines, it is illegal to forcibly engage in sodomy or anal penetration with a women under the Anti-Rape law of 1997 (RA 8353).  However it is not clear if the law includes men.