Condom Use

Proper Use of Condom 

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1.  First, make sure the condom package has not expired.  Never use an expired condom.  Check for air pockets to ensure the condom package has not been damaged or tampered.  Use the latex type condoms.

2. Open a condom by simply tearing off the package.  Do no use your teeth or any sharp object that might damage the condom.  Avoid rushing in wearing the condom to ensure it is correctly worn.

3. Now, pinch gently the extra tip of the condom before unrolling it into the penis.  This will prevent air pockets within the condom that might cause it to break especially during ejaculation.  If you are uncircumcised or uncut, you need to pull back the foreskin from the penis head before placing in the condom.  Helpful Tip : Apply a personal lubricant (water based) over the penis before wearing a condom.  This will give more sensation during intercourse.

4.  Before placing the condom to your penis, slowly unroll it with your fingers so you would know which side to place the condom in.  If you mistakenly placed the condom in the wrong side, you have to dispose of it.  The outer side of the condom has probably been contaminated with pre-semen fluids.  This basically defeats the purpose of protecting your partner from your semen.

5.  Unroll the condom (still gently pinching the condom tip) until the penis base.  Remove if possible pubic hair caught in the condom.  For those uncircumcised, you can then roll back your foreskin to your penis head.

6.  Condom breakage is still possible especially through anal and vigorous sex.  It is therefore important to change condoms even in the middle of the act.

7.  After ejaculation, dispose the condom properly.  Do not reuse the condom.  Carefully slide off the condom from your penis.  Do it in the bathroom or away from your partner.  Make sure there is no spillage.   Wash your hands throughly after disposal (especially anal sex).  This is to avoid contamination both semen and microbes from the anus. 

Watch video on how to wear a condom properly