Call Boy

Most if not all male escorts in Cagayan de Oro are notorious swindlers.  According to victims of these call boys they have already formed themselves into a criminal syndicate.  Here are some advise to people who hire services of these call boys....

Always err on the side of caution.  If you pick up strangers for sex, try to ask discreetly if he is a male escort (call boy) or not.  Some male escort would not say anything until you are already in a compromising position.  At that point, you will be asked to pay for his services.  

Negotiating service rates with male escorts can be tricky.  Usually the male escort gives you an acceptable rate but after wards they would ask more.   If you try to resist or argue their new rate, they might verbally or worst physically threaten you.  Some would ask for your wallet, ATM card and other valuable items.  That is why AVOID bringing these guys in your homes or apartment.  If possible, before agreeing on the rates, take a photo (using your phone cam) of the guy and MMS it to your friends or better yet report him to the Police.

DISCREET BAI discourages people from patronizing male escorts.

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