Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thirsty for Summer

Its the summer season.  Time to take a plunge and show off those bodies ;)


The Pink Star $71 Million Dollars said...

What can you say about Touch Of Heaven Spa sa DV Soria? Near Mercury Drugstore?

Their massuese with a BAD breath offered me ES pero I refused & then he stole my tv phone. Buti nalang binalikan ko pero their manager who looked like a crook refused to let me look for it so umuwi ako sa bahay then tinakot ko sila na marami akong connection then the manager kuno texted me na they've found my tv phone.

It took me days to get it back kasi naka ka HIGHblood yung mga ganyang spa na mananakaw I wanna report it to the police kahit na they've return my tv phone & the female manager says bakit pa eh nakuha ko na raw tv phone ko?

After investigation it turns out na marami na din palang nanakawan sa spa nila. Never na akong bumalik doon kasi todo deny pa sila na hindi raw sila magnanakaw at sila pa ang galit.

I think the management and the massage therapists ar involved into the stealing of stuffs. Mukhang naka droga pa sila.

Gusto ko nga eh entrap eh pati yung extra service nila that is illegal.

DiscreetBai said...

I never tried it yet but thanks for the warning. I think you should post this in another blog that deals with spas in CDO. Forgot the name of the blog.

Simon said...

Slurrp :) I cant wait to swim with the boys haha