Saturday, April 1, 2017

Don't be a fool

Its April Fools Day!  Don't be fooled by swindlers online.

Anyone can now download photos online and pretend to be that person.   That is why before you meet up personally, chat first through Skype or Viber and do a video chat.  Magkita mo sa webcam or video.  In this way you are sure the person you meet online is the same person you are going to meet face to face.  This is how you avoid so called "posers".

If the person has so many excuses that his phone could not download apps, that the webcam is broken and so on, there is something wrong with him.  He is hiding something and therefore his intentions towards you is questionable.

If you are already horny and you want to meet the person immediately, do it in a public area or outside the hotel.  In case the person you meet is not the same one in the profile, you can immediately say NO and leave.  Never just say "sige nalang", "bahala na" or "pwede na" and then allow that person to go to your hotel room and house.  If he already fooled you online then I think you know what would happen next.

ALWAYS think about your safety first.  Unsahay lagi mag una ang uwag.

When robbed, fight back if the situation allows you to do so.  Shout if you can!  They are also afraid of being caught or revealed.  Several victims have done this and they were able to get assistance.

And lastly report this matter to the police.  It is important that the police are aware of what is happening. If no one reports this incident, these swindlers will keep on robbing people.

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Simon said...

Careful na talaga tayo dun sa mga online dating apps