Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Duterte backtracks on gay marriage

During the Presidential campaign, candidates where asked on their opinion on same-sex marriage.  Mayor Duterte showed his support for same-sex marriage. 

In a TV interview with Vice Ganda last July 2015, he talked about gays being oppressed or bullied.  That he cares for people who were oppressed. 

However in his official trip to Myanmar he declared his opposition to same-sex marriage.  Personally I was surprised by this.  I was expecting a law on gay marriage to happen considering Davao City passed an Anti-Discrimination ordinance in 2012 in support of Ladlad Party who was denied by the COMELEC to run for the Party List system.

It is my hope that Pres. Digong changes his mind on this issue.  This is a promise he made to the Filipino LGBT community.  

A promise is a promise Mr. President.  You were elected because of these promises.  Please do not disappoint us.

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Forbidden Fruit 🍎 said...

PDU30 said he was formerly gay and he said recently he is not against gay marriage the problem is with our law and the church. So same sex marriage advocates should start attacking the church first & you can do that by boycotting their mass.