Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beware GAWS69 Profile in PlanetRomeo

Someone messaged me that GAWS69 profile in PlanetRomeo is a swindler.

True enough when I checked his profile and read his Guestbook entries there were complaints. (When checking a profile read Guestbook entries)

The pictures in the profile are fake.

Again before meeting up with someone chat first through webcam or video.  You can do it in Viber, Skype or any chat app with video function.  If the guy refuses because he is "discreet", then that is a warning sign.

If you really want to meet the person then meet him in a public area like a mall.  In this way you can immediately refuse and leave or seek assistance in the mall just in case.  Do not meet the person in your house or hotel room.  

Common sense dictates that if the person is not the same in the profile then beware.  If he fooled you in his profile, he has bad intentions.


Mikhail Xavier Manpatillan said...

What about if a person suffers from 'social anxiety disorder' so he is not confidently beautiful to show his face thru webcam? Not all people who does not chat using a webcam are scammers or fuglies.

The problem with most gays online is they are very choosy and demanding so they end up with nothing at all.

DiscreetBai said...

Yes not all are scammers but I still get messages of people being robbed not only in Cagayan de Oro but also in Iligan. The main issue here is safety, security. If you are willing to share your photo then there is no reason for you not to open your webcam. Di ba? Magpakita ka naman lang sa imong picture unya dili ka sa webcam? That is suspicious.

To say gays are choosy is not entirely correct. Men, Women, Lesbians, Gay men, everyone are choosy. Men choose women they want to date and vice versa.

I have been rejected several times because I was not attractive or interesting enough. But there were times that guys find me interesting to my disbelief. I have conditioned myself to be ugly but I did not realize that some people do not really care much of the physical appearance. Beauty is subjective. Ang pangit sa usa, gwapo sa ubang tao.

Now if you find yourself ugly, do not accept it as your fate. Do something about it so you wont look uglier! Dress up properly! Try to look presentable. Cut your hair, clean your nails. Do something about your physical hygiene. If you are fat or too thin, then go to a gym! Transform your body. You cant do anything about your face but you can do something about your body. Think about it. I have seen guys whose face are unattractive but the body is to die for.

I had a friend who is not physically attractive, very effeminate BUT I would be amazed by the friends and people surrounding him. His friends and hook ups are mostly foreign men who looks like Ambercombie and Fitch models! However my friend is an intelligent person, fluent in most issues, witty, well dressed, well traveled and has a very charming personality. In fact he does not need online dating anymore. Why go online when he has a network of friends here and abroad.

There is hope. We all have been there feeling depressed and alone. Do something about it and you will be amazed how beautiful you are.

Van Wylde said...

Do you know what social anxiety disorder is? People with that disorder don't change in a snap they need pyschiatric help.

Worst some even have BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) which makes them think they look like monsters in the mirror, pics or vids but they are not and in fact other people thinks they are beautiful.

I sometimes think I look physically repulsive or disgusting both in pics and vids but sometimes I think I look gorgeous in pictures and videos and most people say I'm good looking & in fact no one has ever said to me that I'm ugly but most of the time I think I'm ugly and even think I'm a monster.

DiscreetBai said...

We have jumped from security to psychology. If you have these issues, I suggest you stop going to dating sites. Gay online dating is very superficial. Get support from friends and a therapist.

iScrewed said...

I'm not into dating sites as you said most people there are shallow and only after the looks.

Who is that friend you are referring? Is that Zoe Botwin? The mean bully self proclaimed stylists/modelling agent kuno who's talents never made famous outside CDO? Na friend nung nagpahiya sa CDO sa buong mundo sa isang scammy pageant held here last 2015?

Siyempre naman if you pose yourself as such with promises of making people BIG in the modelling marami talagang kakagat at maloloko local man o foreigner.

I always wondered why he's using an alias not unless he's hiding something kasi talent manager or modelling scount who uses fictitious names do that to get away from their wrongdoings after they scammed or illegally raped their talents or prostituted them or underpaid them. Like that CD photographer you mentioned who illegally raped his models. Who is he? Taga asa? Clues?

Madami din kasing mga designers who's taking advantage of the gullibikut of the model wannabees sila nga nga punag model sila pa nag bayad sa pag rampa at yung bayad nila sa modelling workshop is a waste of money and is a scam like yung mga Fun Run sa CDO isa lang parati organizer for charity kuno pero barya lang ang napunta sa proceeds sa charity lang isang wheelchair lang sa milyones nilang kinita. Pati mga bagong recruit na police at sundalo obliged to join and pay so parang may connection sila sa PNP at AFP generals & that is corruption! Obliged din sila na mag donate ng dugo sa Red Cross tru kapamilya blood drive so pati ABiaS-CBN at Red Cross CDO corrupt din.

Kailan kaya matumba ng DU30 admin tong mga scam artists at mga kurakot na yan?

DiscreetBai said...

Sorry I am not familiar with Zoe Botwin. As I have said I could not yet verify the authenticity of the accusation. Until someone files a criminal complaint against that photographer, that would be the time I could tell everyone the name of that photographer. Para sa karon, magbantay lang gyud kining mga photographer kunuhay.