Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jaimie Wilson

Jaimie Wilson is a transgender (female to male).  He showed his before and after looks.  He looked good as a girl and hot as a man.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beware GAWS69 Profile in PlanetRomeo

Someone messaged me that GAWS69 profile in PlanetRomeo is a swindler.

True enough when I checked his profile and read his Guestbook entries there were complaints. (When checking a profile read Guestbook entries)

The pictures in the profile are fake.

Again before meeting up with someone chat first through webcam or video.  You can do it in Viber, Skype or any chat app with video function.  If the guy refuses because he is "discreet", then that is a warning sign.

If you really want to meet the person then meet him in a public area like a mall.  In this way you can immediately refuse and leave or seek assistance in the mall just in case.  Do not meet the person in your house or hotel room.  

Common sense dictates that if the person is not the same in the profile then beware.  If he fooled you in his profile, he has bad intentions.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Duterte backtracks on gay marriage

During the Presidential campaign, candidates where asked on their opinion on same-sex marriage.  Mayor Duterte showed his support for same-sex marriage. 

In a TV interview with Vice Ganda last July 2015, he talked about gays being oppressed or bullied.  That he cares for people who were oppressed. 

However in his official trip to Myanmar he declared his opposition to same-sex marriage.  Personally I was surprised by this.  I was expecting a law on gay marriage to happen considering Davao City passed an Anti-Discrimination ordinance in 2012 in support of Ladlad Party who was denied by the COMELEC to run for the Party List system.

It is my hope that Pres. Digong changes his mind on this issue.  This is a promise he made to the Filipino LGBT community.  

A promise is a promise Mr. President.  You were elected because of these promises.  Please do not disappoint us.

Monday, March 20, 2017

CDO Photographer forces model to have sex

Beware of a photographer in Cagayan de Oro who offers photo services to wannabe models but forces them to have unprotected sex with him.

I was able to talk to one of his "models" and he admitted being forced to have unprotected sex with the photographer.  Take note, forcing someone to have sex with you is tantamount to rape!

To avoid this from happening, never agree to an "exclusive" pictorial in secluded places like the room or house of the photographer unless with a trusted companion or companions.

Since this information is not verified.  All I can do right now is warn people about it.

Friday, March 3, 2017

We are all GAY!

There is this profile in PlanetRomeo that complains about gay or effeminate users online.  That the site is becoming disgusting because there are just too many effeminate users.

Whether you are discreet, bisexual, tripper or whatever label you want to claim, as long as you are into same-sex relationship or same-sex intercourse, then you are simply GAY!  

Remember that the term GAY is a general term applied to everyone including lesbians.

So stop bashing your own kind.  Besides if you are not gay, then what are you doing in a gay online dating site?