Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pods299 deleted

The Pods299 user account in PlanetRomeo was recently deleted.

It clearly showed us that who ever was using that account had bad intentions.

My constant reminders and quick action against this swindler paid off.

If you plan to meet someone, chat first in Skype using a WEBCAM.  This is the only way for you to determine if the photo in the profile is correct or not.  You can even video chat with your phone or in Facebook.  Kung daghan pasumangil nga dili maka chat sa webcam, be careful.

Again reminding people especially users of PlanetRomeo from Cagayan de Oro to be always on alert!


Anonymous said...

Do you own Planet Romeo kasi alam na alam mo mga tao doon and up to now di ka parin maka move on sa gay swindlers na nanloko sayo at utusan mo pa ang ibang tao na idemanda sila sino kaba!? Self entitlement ang tawag dyan! Ayaw mo lang ma hassle.

You must have a lonely pathetic life you hypocrite. Up to now hindi mo parin maipakulong mga gay swindlers wala kang bayag! ��

DiscreetBai said...

First of all I was never victimized. You should read the blog more. I have been warning people about these swindlers for several years now and it works. In fact there are several Facebook groups that are now dedicated to these swindlers. I am not alone in this fight against them.

Several people in PlanetRomeo have messaged me, admitted that they were victimized by these people. I have encouraged them to file a case but they felt the police did not take their complain seriously.

So what can I do? I am not a victim so I can not file a case in behalf of the victim. So all I can do is inform people about it.

And clearly all you can do is insult me. Hangtod ka ra diha. It will not affect me because I know what I am doing is right and it helps people.