Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dangers of online dating

Not all people in social media or online dating sites have good intentions.

In Cagayan de Oro City, there have been reports of people on these dating sites being blackmailed or robbed.

To avoid getting swindled or robbed, here are some advise or tips to follow :

1.  When meeting someone online, check their Facebook account  or if not see each other through webcam.  You can even see each other through phone video chat.

2.  Meet your online date in a public area.  Never invite them immediately to your house or hotel room.  Better yet, see each other through webcam first.

3.  If you bring your online date to your hotel room or home, make sure someone knows by taking their photo.  Hotels have CCTV.  Make your online date register or surrender his ID to the hotel receptionist.  Leave your valuables to the hotel receptionist and instruct them never to give it to anyone except yourself.

4.  Gay swindlers are in social media and dating sites.  If the profile photo is not the same with the actual person you meet, lie to the person and leave immediately. 

5.  If your online date asks you for a night out with his "friends" or "cousins", beware.   Some of his friends might accidentally arrive without notice.   You might end up paying for the whole "barkada" or the entire group.

6.  If your online date wants to have sex with you, be a bit cautious.  After sex, some would immediately ask money from you even if you have not talked about it.

7.  If you are threatened by the swindler that he will create a scene or "mag eskandalo" if you don't give him your belongings, you should start shouting!  They are just bluffing.  They do not want any scene or else they would also get involved and their identities exposed.

8.  Beware of male therapists or masseurs advertising online.  It is best to get recommendations from friends or reliable websites.  If these therapists asks for your photo, do not give them any.  They might use them to blackmail you.  Again chat first through webcam before meeting.

9.  Cagayan de Oro has a high HIV AIDS infection rate not only in Northern Mindanao but the entire Philippines.  Always protect yourself.

Share this with friends!  If you are victimized, report it to the Police!

Always have a healthy dose of suspicion.  Remember that trust takes time.  You can not trust someone in a matter of hours or even weeks.

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