Tuesday, April 12, 2016


In recently started to do some manscaping myself.  I have been trimming my body hair particularly my pubic hair.

Some guys shave off their body hair which is great.  It makes you look smooth and younger but when the body hair grows back, it becomes itchy and uncomfortable.  That is why I prefer to just trim my body.

When you trim, you still retain some hair but it looks neat and clean.  You also do not have problems with it growing back because it does not grow out of your skin.

I bought a Philips beard trimmer.  It cost around 1,500 Pesos.  The Philips body trimmer was quite expensive.  I think it ran around 3,000 or more?  But if you can afford the body trimmer, it is better than the beard trimmer.  The body trimmer is designed to trim long and tough body hair.  I am not sure if it can also trim the hair on your head.

Manscaping is important not only to make yourself look neat but for hygienic purposes.  Removing excessive hair around the pubic area will cool you down in the groin area especially this summer season.  Since some bacteria or parasites cling on to body hair, this will also benefit your skin.

There are several Youtube channels that talks about manscaping.  You might want to watch it first before you start trying it.

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