Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Knowing someone with HIV

I have been vocal on the issue of HIV AIDS online but has not personally known someone who has HIV AIDS.

For the purpose of hiding his identity and the situation he is in, I am changing the story a bit.

A few weeks ago, a friend approached me.  I knew him but we were not close friends or anything, just an acquaintance.  He started talking about stuff until he mentioned about HIV AIDS.  So I started to get suspicious.  I just listened and answered his questions until he finally admitted to me that he was HIV positive.

At first I was surprised and even skeptical.  I did not expect him to be gay.  He told me that he comes from a conservative family and had to hide his sexuality from them.

His being in a conservative family made his situation worst.  He could not tell his parents or siblings what was going on with his life.  And because of this, he felt that suicide was his only option.

I encouraged him to get counselling, talk to someone he trusts and join HIV AIDS groups in Cagayan de Oro.  These groups can help him in sorting out his emotions, his frustrations in life.

After the talk, I made him promise to join these groups and not think of suicide.  Living with HIV AIDS is not the end, it is actually a 2nd life worth living for.

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