Monday, September 7, 2015

Internet connection resolved

Dumb me.  The problem with my Ultra on the Go (LTE) pocket WiFi was not technical but mobile signal.  My pocket WiFi has problems getting good mobile signal (miski full bar sa cellphone, di halos maka kuha ug signal ang Ultra) So I am planning to buy an external antenna to boost its signal capacity.

An issue I had with Ultra is the constant removal of the sim to load it up with internet credits.  You really have no choice since you can not use Ultra like a regular phone.

As for the internet speed, it is way better than the DSL fixed line.  Right now I am using Smart sim but my area does not have LTE signal which sucks.

The only downside for mobile internet compared to fixed line is the data cap.  I think for PLDT DSL fixed line at 999 Pesos per month, your data cap is around 30gb? compared to mobile which is around 5gb for the same rate.

So this means I might have to limit my internet access.  Not sure how this would affect the video uploads I make every week.

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