Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is boxer shorts an underwear or shorts?

I was doing my new years eve grocery and I saw this guy wearing a wife beater (sando) and a form fitting boxer shorts.  In fairness he was good looking and stocky (bus-ok ug lawas, sakto ra ang tiyan).  He was walking around, doing his groceries and I can't help it appropriate to wear boxer shorts in public especially in a shopping area?

From what I understand a boxer shorts is an underwear.  So why wear it in a public area?  There is nothing underneath your boxer shorts.

I also have issues with guys wearing briefs under their boxer shorts.  Isn't it redundant?  You are wearing an underwear under an underwear?  

So for those who are fond of wearing boxer shorts, do you wear it in public or just wear it at home?  Post a comment.

Taken from Wikipedia

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