Monday, December 15, 2014

YouTube and vlogs

I recently subscribed to several gay and even straight YouTube vlogs to deal with my depression.  Yes I am depressed and only Zac Efron could cheer me up! :)  Oh Zac....I want to spoon you....hehehehe  Anyway, watching YouTube vlogs for the past months made me realize that these vlogs can actually compete with reality TV shows.  Some of the materials in YouTube are quite good and entertaining.  And to top it all, you can earn from these vlogs.  

According to a Wikipedia article, one YouTube vlogger was able to earn as much as 720,000 US Dollars in a year or 60,000 US Dollars a month.  This is crazy money for a YouTube channel.  I guess that already includes product endorsements and stuff.

Amongst the well known gay vloggers in YouTube is Tyler Oakley who has a subscriber base close to 6 million people.  He has hosted red carpet events, meet the US President, did a video with the US First Lady, won a Teens Choice Award and many more.  And he is just 25.  He is the face of the LGBT community in YouTube.  The Advocate Magazine has even acknowledge him for his LGBT advocacy in YouTube.

The following are the YouTube channels I am currently subscribed in.  Do not subscribe yet until you are sure you like the channel

1.  Shep689
2.  MilesJaiProductions
3.  JoshuaDTV
4.  SoundlyAwake
5.  Tyler Oakley
6.  Wickydkewl

Just search them on YouTube.  Enjoy!  If you have a favorite vlog channel, post a comment here and share it with us.

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