Friday, December 5, 2014

World AIDS Day CDO

I was quite happy to see a large crowd during the World AIDS Day celebration last December 1 at Limketkai Mall.  Kagayanons are now becoming more aware of the disease but unfortunately it is still not enough. 


#GoiNextDoor said...

exactly. the event organizers should have tapped bloggers to spread the information about the event, that would gather more people. i blog about AIDS and i'm usually in CDO.

DiscreetBai said...

Every week I make it a point to post warnings about HIV AIDS. Filipinos should be made aware that HIV AIDS is real. When Marvin made a testimonial talk about HIV AIDS during the event and his experience of getting HIV AIDS, it was emotional. I had to leave the event coz I might cry as well. It is frustrating that people are still getting infected despite the fact that there are more information about HIV AIDS than before. When I started campaigning against HIV AIDS in 1999, there was just nothing and nobody really cared about HIV AIDS.