Monday, December 8, 2014

Openly gay mayor elected in Poland

Poland like the Philippines is majority Catholic and in a recent Polish election, the city of Slupsk elected an openly gay man as their mayor. This is good news for Poland as it tries to open up and be more accepting to all sexual orientation.

In the Philippines, we have already elected public officials who are gay but most if not all are discreet about it.  They are too afraid to open up for fear of being ridiculed and loose the election because of it.

As for Cagayan de Oro it seems being gay is no issue.  A Barangay or village in CDO elected an openly gay guy as Barangay Chairman or Village Head.  I heard there was also a lesbian elected as Barangay Chairman of another area.  And a source told me there are gay politicians in the province as well.  You know who you are ;)

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