Monday, November 3, 2014

Online swindling continues in CDO

I have started again my information campaign in PlanetRomeo on how to avoid being swindled or robbed online.  This is also my way of checking if gay swindling activities in CDO has subsided or stopped.  

In just an hour, a handful of people sent me messages that they were robbed as recent as last week.  This is disturbing, really disturbing.  Swindling activities in Cagayan de Oro is still active and it seems our local police are not aware of it because victims are not reporting the crime.

Again my appeal to the victims, PLEASE report these swindlers to the police.  How would the police know what is really happening if no one reports it to them?  If victims do not report the incident to the police, nothing will be done.  These swindlers will keep on robbing people.  Some of these swindlers are not even afraid anymore because they know nothing is being done.

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