Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gay man stereotype

Some people has this stereotype that all gay men are effeminate, works as beauticians and are just plain loud.  Sorry but not all gay men are the same.  There are gay men that are butch, or very masculine.  Being gay does not mean you have to fit or be part of the gay stereotype.  There is no one category for gay men.

You are who you are.  If you do not like being loud or to look like a drag queen, that is okay, that is your choice.

However one thing should be made clear.  We are all part of the LGBT community.  We should do our part in helping the community because it is a struggle for the LGBT community to get acceptance.  You might look butch or straight but you are still gay and discriminated.

I suggest you guys watch this documentary film, "The Butch Factor".  It will give you more insights on this issue.

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Anonymous said...

where can you find this film?