Sunday, October 19, 2014

Justice for Jennifer Laude

The death of transgender Jennifer Laude (aka Jeffrey Laude) showed us that the LGBT community in the Philippines is still not totally accepted.  Jennifer Laude was allegedly murdered by an American soldier in a motel in Olongapo.

Comments online were so vicious and ridiculous that you would think we were living in an African country or in the Middle East were gay rights did not exist.

If only Jennifer was a real woman, she could have been given due respect and admiration but since she is gay, most people did not care.

This issue really frustrates me.  How can one persons life be made insignificant because he is gay?  Is this how Filipinos value life?  If you are gay, let them die?  

We want justice for Jennifer Laude.   Every single human being (gay or straight) is entitled to their rights.  Even criminals have rights.  It is my hope that this murder may be solved soon and the suspect be apprehended soon.

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