Monday, September 1, 2014

LGBT Rights Exhibit in CDO

I was quite surprised to see an exhibit on LGBT rights at Limketkai Mall.  The exhibit entitled "Being LGBT in Asia : The Philippines Country Report" is basically a study on LGBT rights in the Philippines.

This study or report is funded and supported by the USAID and UNDP.

Thank you to the organizers and sponsors who made this exhibit possible in CDO.  This is a first in Northern Mindanao.

Photo taken from Limketkai Center Facebook account


Anonymous said...

I'm discreet so I will not go there and proclaim gayness.

DiscreetBai said...

I had the same attitude before. I did not want to be obvious or care about other gay guys. Then I realized if I do not voice out my opinion and fight for gay rights, then who will? Are we going to be contented in the dark corners of the city and be ridiculed by straight people? I still have hesitations in joining gay organizations or being associated with them but I want to be part of a greater LGBT community.

I salute gay people who are loud and proud of their sexuality and their contribution to LGBT rights. It is not easy to be teased and ridiculed upon everyday because you look very gay. Take note, without these guys, we LGBTs would not be enjoying this freedom and tolerance in Philippine society. Straight people laugh at them but at the end of the day they still keep their heads up high. From the bottom of my heart....daghang salamat sa inyong tanan! Keep up the good work!

Neil Perez Got A Small Bulge (DICK) said...

But you are still discreet.

Anyway I don't think there is much freedom now than before.

The only difference is probably there are more gay porn videos now than before. I became more gay after watching gay porn and being curious about it.

Promoting gayness such as these might turn some straight men gay.

I for myself have turned some straight men into gay after wanking in front of them and letting them see me cum very hard & showing them gay porn videos.

It's actually a feat and pride if I can make straight men touch my dick, jerk me, suck me, fuck me & vice versa.

How about? Do you promote gayness like me?