Monday, July 21, 2014

Black screen saves energy

I have made changes to the blog font and color scheme.  I want the blog to look dark and sleek.  I also heard that a black background or screen saves energy.  In fact the new Samsung Galaxy S5 phone has this battery saving mode that makes the screen go black and white (gray) to extend battery life.  Not sure if this applies to LCD or other screens.  Anyway lets do our part in saving energy.


Anonymous said...

actually only amoled screens can save energy when displaying black. It's because instead of backlighting the black pixels like what LCD screens do, amoled screens just simply turn the light on those pixels off, creating a black with infinite contrast. In short, maka save ug power kay tanan black nga imo makita sa screen, wala gigamitan ug power.

DiscreetBai said...

Owwww hmmmmm someone gave me wrong info. I thought it would be the same with LCD screens. Thanks for the clarification.