Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Child pornography and abuse in Cagayan de Oro

When I read the news that Cagayan de Oro was among the places in the Philippines named as a hot spot for child pornography, I was shocked.  Then I remembered the Swiss nationals who were arrested a few years ago for operating a cyber sex den in Cagayan.  It saddens me that Cagayan de Oro, my birthplace is now a haven for pedophiles.

Now this might be an adult website but I do not support child pornography!  I find it disturbing and disgusting that children are being used and abused by adults.

I have known friends who as children were abused by gay adults or pedophiles.  Most of my friends who were abused somehow believed that the abuse caused their being gay.  It really breaks my heart that they had a traumatic childhood.  They are not yet supposed to experience the burden of adult life at an early age.

This is a big embarrassment for Cagayan de Oro and its citizens.  We must do something to stop these pedophiles from abusing our children. I just hope that these pedophiles would be arrested ASAP. 


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