Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tropical Depression Agaton

It has been raining in Cagayan de Oro for over a week now.  Yes basically the entire day, for one week, it rained in Cagayan de Oro.  I think I already forgot what the sun looked like.  

A lot of flights were cancelled due to the bad weather.  Now the weather disturbance has become a Tropical Depression called Agaton.

What I am concerned is that it will pass near Cagayan de Oro City around Bukidnon Province.  Rain water will again pour down from the mountain ranges of Bukidnon and rush towards Cagayan.  The storm will be near Cagayan by Saturday afternoon or Sunday.  This information is based on the initial findings of PAGASA.  The storm might still move in another direction.  So keep yourself updated.

I am just hoping the city is now prepared for any eventualities.  Cagayan's experience with Sendong should not be repeated again.

Take care guys! 

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