Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ten most used Filipino expressions

Ten most used Filipino expressions according to

1) Kebs/keber
Definition: "Okay lang," or "whatever"
2) Push mo yan
Definition: To encourage, to proceed or to go for it
3) Pag may time
This expression is usually said after repeating a verb twice.
4) Peg
Definition: To use something or someone as an inspiration or standard
5) Pls
Definition: Apart from the word being "a polite addition to requests" (, this expression is used to exclaim or to emphasize something previously said.
6) Teh/atey/beh/girl/girlaloo
Definition: Shortcuts or terms of endearment for "ate," "baby" and "girl"

7) Anyare/ansaveh
Definition: Customized (and gayer) versions of "Anong nangyari?" ("What happened?") and "Anong sinabi?" ("Whaaaaat?")

8) Keri/keribells
Definition: An expression for "yes," "kaya," "I can do it," or "it's achievable."
9) Charot/char/echos/echosera
Definition: Terms for "joke!" or "just kidding!" while "echosera" means a liar or a flatterer
10) Medj
Definition: A shorter term for "medyo" or "somewhat"

I am quite sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Anymore suggestions? Go dayon!

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