Monday, December 16, 2013

IRR of the School Anti-Bullying Law passed

Finally, Filipino LGBT's in schools will be protect from bullying.  The implementing rules and regulations of the School Anti-Bullying Law has been passed recently.  Protection includes bullying by text and social media.

In high school I really had a difficult time expressing myself because of my classmates.  I never really enjoyed high school.  It sucked!  Every time there is a high school reunion, I avoid it.  It is not worth my time.

In college though it was a different experience for me.  My classmates basically knew who I was and they did not really mind whether I was gay or not.  There were a few who tried to bully me but most of my friends and classmates were kind and understanding enough that I felt I was loved and respected.

When going to college choose a school that is more accepting of homosexuality.  Some schools especially Catholic schools can be problematic and feeds on homophobia.  If you plan to go to college, make sure you go to a secular or non-religious school like UP.  And of course, choose friends wisely both straight and gay.  Your friends can help you through tough times in College.


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