Thursday, December 19, 2013

Boarding house thief and swindler in CDO arrested.

Photo provided last 2011 by his victims
Someone posted in DiscreetBai forum about a certain swindler named Jaypee L. Oca.  I immediately recognized him as the same guy who victimized occupants of boarding houses in Cagayan de Oro 2 years ago.  It was reported in the local ABS-CBN.  He used the name Julian Perry Oga.  His victims already filed a complain at Police Station No. 9 in Macasandig.  It is best that these two Police Stations (No. 1 and No. 9) coordinate with each other.  Check out this link

This only shows that IF YOU REPORT these swindlers to the POLICE, they will be arrested and put a stop to their swindling activities in Cagayan de Oro!

To Loi23alian, thank you for sharing this information.  I hope this will encourage more people to report swindlers to the police.

Here is the link to the DiscreetBai Forum post by Loi23alian

Social networking sites are very helpful to us nowadays. In these sites we meet a lot of people of our interests. Friendship, relationship, hook-ups, and etc are some of the interests we seek in these sites. Now, everyone has heard of the site, right? This is a social-networking site for us, gays/bisexuals. We could meet a lot of people from this site as we all know.
Now, as I am an avid user of this site, I get to log-in everyday and run through lists of online netizens. One sunday night, November 10, 2013, I received message from a username "singledad_28" with a "Hi." as usual way of starting a conversation. As I read the message, I replied to this man, and that started our long conversation. He gave me a not clear picture of him and his son then he asked for my cellular phone number, so I gave it to him. He called me right after I gave him my digits. We talked over the phone and discussed his son. The night had gone deeper and he told me that he's sleepy then ended the call.

In the morrow, he called me early an asked me if we could meet somewhere in the city, he preferred if it's in the mall. I accepted his invitation and told him that we could meet inside the premises of Limketkai Mall and he agreed to this. Late in the afternoon at around 5pm, we met at Starbucks Coffee and proceeded to Shakey's inside Limketkai Mall. He treated me something to eat and a tea. He told me his name was "Zach" and I told mine too. We talked about his son and his family background, and so I told him about mine also. As we were talking, two customers went inside the establishment we were in, and Zach coincidently had a stomachache and immediately stood up and went outside the parlor and headed to Mercury Drug Store. 10 minutes later, I contacted Zach and asked him if he will be coming back then he called me on my phone and told me he's buying medicine for his stomachache. Over the phone he asked me if I knew the persons who got inside Shakey's Parlor and I told him "no". He said he might be taking so long so he asked me if I could pay the bill for what we ordered, I checked my wallet and told him that my money isn't enough, knowing this he asked me if I could hand over my phone to the waiter so that he could give instructions to the waiter. The instruction was simple, the waiter will go to the Mercury Drug Store to get the payment and return immediately so that I could come over where he was. So I came over to him and we strolled around the mall. While strolling, he told me his wallet was snatched from him at Cogon market. He worried for his identification cards because the grandmother of his son (his mother-in-law) will be sending him money for his son. But the problem was he can't get the money because he had no ID to present in the money remittance center. He asked me a favor if he could use my ID and I said "yes" the he told me that in return he will give me a partial of the money he will be receiving, I declined to this but he insisted so I had nothing more to say. As I looked inside my wallet, I told him I forgot to bring my ID, then he asked me if we could go back to my house and get my ID then back again in the city to get the money. We rode in a taxi cab forth to our house then back again to the city. We got back in the city and stayed inside Missy Bonbon. He sent my name and address to his mother-in-law and we waited for the control number. The night became weary and my mom called me, she was worried with me, I got anxious and worried too and told Zach if I could go home now. He was a bit worried too and apologized to me because he got me in to trouble, so he told me to go home and gave me money for the cab fare. And about the money, he'll just ask his son's grandma to send it tomorrow in the afternoon because I promised him that I will meet him again by tomorrow.

In the morning, I woke up by the ringing sound of my phone, it was Zach who called me, he told me that his son got bored and was crying and he and his son's yaya can't do something to ease the child. He said his son wanted to watch action movies, so he asked me if I could bring a portable DVD player in the hotel where they're staying so that his son could watch movies. I said to him that we don't have that kind of DVD player, instead we have laptop and maybe I could bring it. So all was set, I will meet them in the afternoon inside Parkview Hotel. I was glad because I will be meeting his son. Afternoon has come so I decided to go before the rain comes pouring. As I got near Parkview Hotel, he told me his son is still sleeping so maybe we could go somewhere else where we can drink coffee, he told me Brew Berry Cafe would be perfect since he like the ambiance of the place. Then we went to the cafe and talked a lot. He treated me to a coffee drink. He asked me if I could show him the movies I prepared for his son. I pulled over my laptop and put it on the table. He told me that since we're also waiting for the money and for his son to wake up, we could search on the internet some gadgets selling online because he wanted to buy. I asked him why since he already have an iPhone, and a blackberry phone. He told me he is planning to give it to me. I told him that it doesn't matter because I already have a smartphone and an iPod to use and I am already contented with what I have but he insisted and told me that he feel so guilty and his conscience is engraving him because he got me in to trouble last night and asked me hassle favors. So I didn't insist anymore and changed the topic. While we were have conversations he tend to go inside the comfort room leaving his things in front of me. So I thought that he's really trusting me. I noticed that he'd already went inside of the comfort room several times so I asked him if there's something wrong. He told me that it is his stomachache causing him to go inside the CR for a couple of times. So I told him that he should buy medicine outside, he thought over about my suggestion and he told me that if it gets worse he will buy medicine. Minutes later, he went again inside the CR and as he got back, he told me if I could buy him medicine. Without hesitation and with the complete trust, I told him to look over my things while I buy him medicine. So I left the cafe and buy the medicine for his stomachache. As I got back to the establishment where I left Zach, he was nowhere to be found. I searched inside the CR and asked the waiters and the owner of the cafe if they saw the man who was with me the while time we were in the cafe but they said they didn't know where the man went but they saw the man left a minute after I left to buy medicine. I was in total shock and as if the energy inside me was totally drained as soon as I realized Zach has my belongings, my laptop, my wallet, my bag, my iPod 4th Gen, and my 500gb external hard drive.

I immediately went to the nearest police station and asked for their help, they interrogated me and I was compelled to tell them the whole story. I texted Zach in hope that he would reply to my messages. After several messages I sent to him, he replied to me, "Hala! Oh my!". I told the police that he replied to me and the officers motivated me to keep in contact with the suspect. I told Zach I would give to him anything just to retrieve my laptop because I have some important files in their. He told me, "I'm sorry. I just need the money po talaga.". I asked him to call me so that we could have a proper conversation, so he called me and told me that he will give me my laptop if I will give him money worth 10,000php. So I accepted his offer. I told the officers about this and they prepared themselves for an entrapment operation. Zach told me that we will meet inside Centrio Mall specifically inside J.Co Donuts. I knew the chance of this operation was 10% only but I never had allowed myself to lose hope. Zach called me on my phone and told me it would be better if I'd go inside the Mall first. So the cops and I went to the said mall and they told me the plan while we were in the Police Patrol Car. We arrived outside the mall and I headed immediately to J.Co Donuts establishment. I texted Zach that I am already in the place, he told me that the plan has changed, we will meet outside the Mall, I will hand him over the money and he will give me my things. And again, I reminded myself that the chance of this operation is only 10% so I prayed to God that this operation may be successful. I told him that I am going outside the mall and he told me he's riding a taxi cab and he'll just call me as soon as he arrives. The moment I stepped outside the premises of the mall, I saw a cab slowing down and I guessed it could be Zach. I went on the other side of the road and took a look inside the car from a distant. I confirmed to the police that it was Zach sitting on the front seat. I ran to the cab and stood on front of it so that it will go nowhere. The police noticed mu actions and they knew it was the cue. They went after me and told the driver to open the door and that they are cops. The driver did what he was told to do then the cops arrested Zach, the theft.

We proceeded immediately to the police station for further investigation and interrogation. Medias came over the station, ABS-CBN and GMA News. They interviewed me about what really happened and I told him the whole story.

After an hour, a complainant came over the police station and confirmed that it was Zach who took his things, iPhone 4S, watch worth 10,000php, and wallet with money worth 1,500 and identification cards in it. I recognized the complainant because he was the man I saw inside Shakey's Pizza Parlor. I then realized that it was the man the reason why Zach left the parlor hastily. The complainant told me his story and I discovered we experienced almost the same modus.

Now, I have retrieved all my belongings that were taken away from me by Jaypee "Zach" Luba Oca. Beware of this man. If you are also a victim of this fraud, file a complain in the police station 1 at DV Soria, Cagayan de Oro City.


Rush said...

Sorry to say pero hindi naman yan gwapo to risk trusting him.

If only I could see your face I might give you my number. I'm honest and good looking and so far AIDS free. lol

Anonymous said...

Rush: I did realize nga di siya gwapo to trust him but I wasn't after of what I think you are after. He is too old for my age. He's like my youngest uncle to me. And I was trying to help him because he and his son (as what he told me) are stranded in CdeO and they need help. So yeah, I helped him. I was wrong that I was trying to help a person. Now, post a picture of you on this site so that I could say you are good-looking.
-- The Author

Anonymous said...

i applaud you for being brave. you did the right thing!

DiscreetBai said...

So where are the victims of these swindlers in CDO? Are you going to do the right thing or just let it slide and allow them to victimize another person?

Anonymous said...

Omg. I just saw this criminal in centrio. Beware guys. Mr discreetbai, i think the victims did their best but sad to say some criminals are in connivance with the policemen. Haist...

DiscreetBai said...

This guy is already in prison unless he has gotten out on bail or the complaints were dropped against him. That is why it is important for victims to file cases against these criminals so that they would no longer be able to victimize other people. mag balikbalik lang na sila.

cdocb_holdaper said...

From: anonymous (Profile deleted)
When: 21. May. 2014 - 16:47

can i ask about the guy in the last two pictures? if what he did and when? because actually im dating with him Ive been seeing him many times already. I couldnt believe what im seeing right now because im sure he is that person He calls himself Zack Reyes and then may pinakita pa syang ID nya sa akin. I need a reply po pls.
(Note: You can't reply to this message.)

DiscreetBai said...

Check out the links I provided above. The first photo is his actual police mug shot at CDO Police Station No. 1 (Divisoria). Based on the photo, it was taken last November 2013. Based on ABS CBN Northern Mindanao report he has victimized boarding houses in CDO. And just before his arrest he victimized gay people. If he is indeed the person you are currently hanging out careful. I guess he got out of prison through bail or some technicality.

cdocb_holdaper said...

This was a message sent to me yesterday by a PR user. He's dating this thief means Jaypee Oca is no longer behind bars. He deleted his PR account so I can't reply to his message to warn him.