Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swindlers victimizing gay tourists in CDO

I was in Gay Romeo recently warning people about gay swindlers in Cagayan.  Someone sent me a message and warned me that these swindlers has profiles in Gay Romeo and are still victimizing gays in the city.

These swindlers do not use their own photos.  That is why it is important to see each other first through webcam or in a public place.  If he does not show his face on cam but instead shows his dick or body then there is something wrong.  He is trying to hide something.  Do not fall for this.

Always be on alert when meeting strangers.  If you get victimized by these swindlers report them to the police.  This is the only way for the police to know what is going on.  If the police notices that the swindling activities are becoming rampant, this would force them to act on it.

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