Monday, November 11, 2013

Malate no more?

My first taste of Malate was back in the 1990's.  An expat friend of mine which I met online brought me to The Library Comedy Bar.  It was a surreal experience.  A probinsyano in a bar filled with gay people.  It was amazing.  I was like a virgin, touch for the very first time.  My friend brought me to other bars and places around Malate which I could no longer remember.  I felt I was surrounded by family.  I was home.

Last time I went there was a few years ago.  I tried to visit a famous gay sex shop in Malate but arriving there I could not find it.  Tried using Google Map and ask people around but I could not find the shop.  Later on I found out that it closed shop a year or few years ago.  And the remaining gay bars in Malate were quiet and had few customers which discouraged me from getting in.  I was slowly waking up to a new reality.  The Malate LGBT scene was slowly dying.

Reading the Outrage Mag article on Malate only confirmed my fears.  Malate is slowly changing.  I suspect social media and other online tools has something to do with it. LGBT's can now easily hook up online and conveniently meet in any location without going to the usual rendezvous points like Malate. is time to wake up and say goodbye to Oz. 

I just hope a new area would soon rise and become the next Malate of the Philippines.  The Filipino LGBT community deserves a place of its own.

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richO said...

I think they hav this Club Bath and Farenheart something dats very famous now adays to gays and bi's in manila.