Monday, November 18, 2013

If I press this...

A picture is worth a thousand words......What were they talking about? :)

These guys were contestants of Mr. International Philippines.


Crush said...

I can't help myself. Two boarder guys are helping with our landscaping and I notice two of them are kinda malagkit ang tingin to me. The other night the kept that kind of stare pero na love at first sight lang ako sa kanila the next day while they were half naked and sweaty while gardening and they both looked at me the same way.

One of them was making gay jokes to his buddy and he also kept pinching his balls or cock. Later at night I saw him pee I tried to look away am tried to look again but it was dark outdoors and he's kinda showing his dick to me pero it wasn't clear.

I really wanted to ask for their number especially the guy who smiled at me na parang na in love ako. I don't have the courage to ask them that I want both of them to bone me or me bone them.

I'm afraid they may not be gay kasi nga they are criminology students. Baka magalit lang sila at masira pa ang possible friendship namim.

I hope some of the readers here could tell me about their encounters from similar situations to help enlighten me on what to do.

DiscreetBai said...

Do you want to be friends with them or fuck buddies? If you want to be friends with them, then act like a friend. Say hi to them, talk to them like any other friend. No sex or teasing involved. Let the friendship bloom until it reaches a certain point that you would be comfortable enough to tell what you really feel. Now if you want them to be your fuck buddies, then do not waste your time. Say hi, invite them to a drink or a party, develop a little bit of relationship and go for it. But again there are factor involved. If you are the landlord and they are your boarders, that might produce an awkward situation later on. You have to know which move to make based on his and your situation. This is what I can suggest so far.

Anonymous said...

do you know any online groups aside from planet romeo i can look up potential fuck buddies with real pictures.

DiscreetBai said...

You can try but there are no guarantees that the online profiles are correct or real. It is best to first meet through webcam, see their face.