Saturday, October 12, 2013

Video : Showing off on cam

This guy is so cute and adorable!  I just want to watch his video over and over....LOL Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER : DiscreetBai does not make any claims or suggestions to the sexual orientation or preference of the person or people involved in the video. 

Please practice safe sex!  Be responsible for yourself and others!

This video is for entertainment purposes only and should never be imitated.  Actors in this video undergo physical preparation (anal cleaning, HIV testing and others).

Please read more information about HIV AIDS and safe sex!


Anonymous said...

recently i became exhibitionist. i like masturbating while people watch me those people i fancy on cam man or in real life.

i've wanked at the overpass early morning, a parking lot near a mall, tennis court, the back of my house and inside while people saw me and they even waited till i cum.

should i ask for help? rehab or something?

pokerface said...

can i watch? im a voyeur i love to watch hehehehe are you from cdo? whats your webcam id?

DiscreetBai said...

It can be a problem. Someone might report you to the police for public scandal. All you can do right now is control it or tone it down. Instead of showing off in public, just do it on cam. You can do it here in DiscreetBai webcam. We would love to see your hidden assets. ;)