Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to flirt in a bar

Here's how to flirt and get a guy's attention in a bar or a crowded area:

1.  Make contact
Position yourself near or in front of the person where you can make eye contact.  Try to connect with him through your eyes.

2.  Keep your glance
Once you locked eyes with him, keep your glance for a few seconds.  Do not stare at him.  Your not in a staring contest but your flirting.

3.  Drop the eyes
After glancing for a few seconds, gently move your glance elsewhere like you saw something else.  Then shift your eyes back to him, making eye contact.  If he is still glancing at you, give him a soft smile.

4.  Make a move
At this point the guy knows you are interesting in him.  If he is interested with you, he will connect with your glances and smile back or both.  Time to make your move and seal the deal.

5.  Seal the deal
The guy will eventually get tired of glancing and smiling from a distance.  Make your move and say hello to the person.

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Here is also a YouTube video by wickdkewl on gay flirting

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