Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gilbert Moffatt

Beauty and the Geek, a reality tv show is what most would call the ultimate social experiment.  What would happen if a male geek and a beautiful but sometimes intellectually challenged woman were paired together?  Would they learn from each other, hate each other, or fall for each other?

The best part of the show is the "geek make-over".  Transforming the dull and boring geek to a more confident and sometimes handsome guy.

One of the most dramatic transformation is that of Gilbert Moffatt of the Beauty and the Geek-Australia edition.  His amazing transformation made people think, was he really a geek in the first place?  From a shy, bearded, red curly haired guy, to suddenly a piece of hot meat.  Check out the before and after photos.  If still you would not believe the transformation, check out the episode of his transformation.  Click on the Youtube link below.

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