Friday, April 5, 2013

Gay Swindlers in Cagayan de Oro City

Let me emphasize this, I am not a victim of these swindlers.  I am here to warn people of these gay swindlers in Cagayan de Oro who have been preying on helpless gay people in the city for several years now.  

Most if not all of call boys or male escorts in Cagayan de Oro are swindlers.  Some of these swindlers are not even call boys.  You can find them in social networking sites like Facebook and others.  They would first befriend you and after they gain your trust, they would then rob you of your valuables.

If you are the type of person who patronize call boys, my advise to you is to take photos of these guy and send the photos to your friends.  If you go somewhere else, bring another trusted friend with you.  Do not allow the guy to bring another person with him.   Mu uban daw iyang ig-agaw ug amigo.  That cousin or friend might be an accomplice to the swindler.  Go to motels with CCTV camera, so you can ask for the video afterwards if you get swindled.  Better yet, leave your valuables with the motel receptionist and get it afterwards.  Never bring these guys to your apartment or home unless you are sure that someone in your home can help you when you need assistance.

Until someone fights back and report them to the police, these gay swindlers will keep on victimizing gay people in the city.

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