Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gays and Manners

I felt bad for the handsome guy who was harassed by two gay guys in Limketkai Mall.

The gay guys stared at the handsome guy like he was a criminal to a point that their faces were already in front of the guy.  After that they started hissing at him, trying to call his attention while he was walking away.  I could see the handsome guy was upset about it.

Those gay guys owed the handsome guy an apology.  Binastos naman na.  Imagine if your sister or mother was being hissed (sit-sitan) and stared at by a stranger who would then try to make advances at them.  Dili ka ba masuko ug malain ana?

Gays in general are being labeled as rude, loud and immoral.  However I do not think all gay men are like that.  Naa rana sa tao, sa iyang batasan.  If your parents did not teach you good manners and right conduct then I would not be surprised if you stare at people and hiss at them like a bystander.

Remember, respect begets respect.  If you want to be respected by people around you, then be respectful to others.

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marvinmendoza said...

I agree those gays s pag hindi pinapansin along the way mag saba2x pag dili pansinun ug lalake....wew