Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Acne or Pimple Problem?

If you have problems with acne or pimples, I suggest you buy Benzac at 5% strength (standard treatment).  For me it is quite effective.  Just apply a pea size gel over the pimple twice a day and within 48 hours you would notice the difference.  Do not wait for the pimple to be fully grown or else the medication would not be effective.  While the pimple is still unnoticeable, apply the gel immediately.  Of course, do not forget to wash your face with facial wash every day to clear up the skin from oil.

Benzac is a sister company of Cetaphil.


richo said...

this really works, if i had known it earlier i wud be much mor confident wth my skin now, not dat my skin problems b4 made me ugly but i really think it cud've been much better.

DiscreetBai said...

The 10% gel formulation is more effective than the 5% formulation and is advisable for people with an acne outbreak (grabe na kaayo ang bugas). You can also use this for body pimples.