Monday, January 7, 2013

The Jealous Boyfriend

Don't you just hate it when your boyfriend starts to keep on calling, asa ka na?  kinsay imong kauban?  ngano wala ka ni tubag sa cellphone?  ngano wala ka ni text? and worst of all, he suddenly appears out of nowhere and "surprises" you.  Gi sundan kanaman diay niya.

Slight jealousy is actually acceptable.  Some suggest that it can make the relationship better and even spicier.  We sometimes want our boyfriend to notice us.  We want some attention from him, feel needed and important in his life.  If your boyfriend stops becoming jealous, you would feel unimportant.  Murag gi pabayaan kananalang niya.

On the extreme side, too much jealousy can be destructive.  Too much attention can be suffocating.  Imagine your boyfriend starts interrogating you like a criminal.  Asa ka gikan?  Ngano wala ka ning tawag?  Kinsa to imong ka estorya?  Do you really have to explain every single detail to your boyfriend?  

I know of someone whose boyfriend hijacked his Facebook account and started sending messages to all his friends and investigated them like they were suspects.  Grabe kaayo.  I was shocked what his boyfriend did.  It was an invasion of his privacy.  His boyfriend was becoming a psychopath, buang na giyud.  These are the type of people when you break up with them, they will not accept defeat and will follow you like a shadow.  Magbantay mo aning klase nga tao kay basin naay plano nga daotan himoon niya sa imo.

A relationship is based on trust.  If you do not trust your boyfriend enough then there is something wrong.  Try to communicate, talk with each other, and gain each others trust.  If nothing works, then it is time to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

wtf! kung akong bf iyang take over akong facebook account masumbagan ko sya. thats your personal property

Anonymous said...

naa ko kaila bayot iyang gi pugos iyang boyfriend nga straight paghatag iyang facebook password sa iya. seloso kaayo ang bayot, siya naman gud gabuhi sa lalake. luoy kaayo ang lalake kay murag iyang gihimoon ug maid dili uyab.