Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rick Lo's interview with Anne Hathaway

Ricky Lo, a veteran showbiz journalist in the country interviewed Anne Hathaway for the Les Miserables movie. Unfortunately it did not end well.  

The first question asked by Ricky Lo to Anne Hathaway was already awkward.  Instead of first asking Anne if she was doing well, is she enjoying her travels and so on, building up the rapport, he immediately asked about her weight loss for the movie and how she gained it back.  If you ask someone how he or she gained back the weight, it is like telling the person he or she is fat.  Anne refused to answer the question just to be polite.

Then came the final question that broke the camels back...As someone who has lived in a land of luxury and privilege, how were you able to identify with Fantine (who was a poor woman).  Do you have to be a prostitute to act like a prostitute?  I think the correct question for this was how did you prepare yourself for this role.

Ricky Lo should remember that Americans are different from Filipinos.  If you ask a Filipino celebrity a stupid or insulting question, they would simply smile and be polite but if you do this to an American, you will get what you deserve...on your face!

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