Sunday, December 16, 2012

RH Bill passed on the 2nd reading

The controversial Reproductive Health Bill or RH Bill is now close to becoming a law.  After years of languishing in Congress, it has finally passed the 2nd reading.  This means, if it passes the 3rd and final reading, it becomes a law.

It is funny how the Catholic Church is complaining that the President is exerting his influence over the bill.  When in fact the Catholic Church itself through its Catholic organizations are visiting Congressmen, lobbying against the bill.  If you are also doing it, do not complain.

We really need this law.  We have to control our population.  Can you imagine a poor family having 6 to 8 children?  How can you feed a family of 10?  Maglisod naman gani buhi ug duha ka anak, walo pa kaha?  If only these poor families had lesser children, they would be better feed, educated and loved by their parents.  A well educated and loved child therefore goes to school, does not do drugs, does not commit crimes and therefore it also translates that we will have a safe and better community.  Imagine streets without begging children?  Imagine streets without kids committing crimes or vandalism?

Support the RH Bill!

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