Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bisexual? Are you sure?

I was checking PlanetRomeo and as usual found someone who was familiar to me.  This guys profile said that he is bisexual.  Face palm....Sigurado ka dong sa imong sexual orientation? Are you sure?  I have seen this guy several times and he is no bisexual.  In fact he is so girly or effeminate that I doubt a girl would even have sex with him.

I do not really understand why he could not accept being gay.  Is he in denial or just plain lying?  If you do not get aroused by boobs and pussy, then don't label yourself bisexual.  It does not mean that if you "appreciate" a woman's beauty or body, you are already a bisexual.  If that is the case, daghan na kaayo bisexual nga fashion designers.

As defined clinically, a bisexual enjoys sexual relationship or arousal from both men and women.   Again, key word is sexual arousal.  If you see a sexy guy and a girl, your sexual attention to both them should be the same.

So the next time you fill up the sexual orientation box in your profile, ask your friends or other people about it, because most of the time they know better than you do.


Anonymous said...

Aguy I had the same experience. Ingon sya na manly and bisexual sya. Manlylinlang diay. Long hair, black lacquer nails pa gyud. Baga ug face kaayo ahaha asked him kinsa iya crush na girl actress naglisod ug tubag, pamela anderson daw aahaha

Anonymous said...

LOL sa tinuod bayot ko. di ko utgan ug babae pero mautgan baya kog straight nga porno. di ko kasabot ngano ubang bayot mamugos gyud label sa ilang kaugalingon nga bi nga bi-yot man diay to! LOL tubag mo diha! LOL

Anonymous said...

Bisexual bayot mn japun na mu chup* mn ghapon ma bi ma effem o ma tripper basta mu patol ug kparehas niya lalake bayot ang twag ana

Anonymous said...

naa koy friend nga bisexual sya. pero dili sya mo admit nga bi, kay tripper daw lagi. funny kaayo, kay naa syay gf ug bf at the same time. pero mas prefer pagihapon niya bilat kaysa lubot. kung mo patol kag babae ug lalake, bisex ka. kung exclusive kalang lalake, mao ng klaro nga bayot.