Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Male Prostitution

In a news clip featured by Umagang Kay Ganda in ABS-CBN, a guy named "Jay" was among those arrested during an anti-criminality drive in Caloocan City, Metro Manila.  Jay basically earns around 500 to 1,000 Pesos a day being a male escort in the streets of Caloocan.   He was forced to go into prostitution because he had to feed his siblings since their parents passed away.  He also claims that he uses a condom to protect himself from diseases. 

His story is a sad one and I sympathize with him.  As the sole bread winner in the family he has to do something for his family to survive.  Stories like these are heartbreaking.  However for some of these male prostitutes, it is a different story.  In Cagayan de Oro, most male prostitutes are swindlers and thieves.  How can you sympathize to their plight if all they do is rob you?

Again, let me reiterate my stand on this issue.  I do not encourage prostitution but reality bites.  Some people has no choice but to use what they have to survive.  Now, I have no problems with prostitutes as long as they provide the correct service as agreed upon.  As long as both parties including the client (ang bayot), respect each others right.  The problem with some gay clients, they are a bit aggressive and sometimes deceitful.  Respect begets respect.  You won't get respect if you do not respect others.

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