Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do you trust your boyfriend?

Do you trust your boyfriend? How well do you trust your boyfriend?  This has always been an issue in gay relationships. 

Trust has to be earned not bought.  Some people use their money to gain someones trust.  In short, playing the Sugar Daddy role.  What if your money runs out or is not enough to sustain your boyfriends lavish lifestyle?  Would your boyfriend still trust you?  Money can't buy happiness.  Believe me, I have been in that situation before.  Not that I was a sugar daddy but despite having a meager salary, I was happy with my life.  I had good friends, office mates and family.  Mubo lang siguro ang akong kalipay sa kinabuhi.  Having an extravagant lifestyle can sometimes be stressful compared to a simple life.  You have to be yourself, your true self.  Do not use your money to woo someone.  The person must know you, your good and bad side not how much money your earn and can spend.  Sure you can spend for your boyfriend but at the end of the day, you should get to know each other well.

Trust has to be nurtured not rushed.  Trust takes time.  Not everyone can easily trust someone.  You have to prove yourself first to the person that you are trustworthy, capable of his personal trust and confidence.  

Trust is difficult to find these days.  That is why do not waste it.


Dr, Markier said...

It's nice to read relationship notes also in this blog. I hope I can read some more in the future. Keep it up! ")

DiscreetBai said...

I can create a blog topic about relationships for people to comment and discuss. Thanks for reading the blog.