Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Congrats to the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team

The Philippine Volcanoes won the bronze medal in the HSBC Asian Rugby Sevens Series Singapore Sevens last Saturday.  This is a milestone for the Philippines national rugby teamRugby is a relatively new sport in the Philippines as it is barely played or known around the country.

Hopefully interest in rugby would spread around the country and produce more locally trained talent.  As of the moment, all of the members of the Philippine Volcanoes are half breed Filipinos or mestizos.

Last year, people got to know more about the rugby team not because of the sport but due to the controversial Bench underwear billboards that showed most of the rugby team in sexy underwear.

I think I posted some of them here before.  The photo below is Kenneth Stern, a member of the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby team.


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