Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gay Politics

In the last election, I tirelessly campaigned for Ladlad Party List in GayRomeo website.  Ladlad is a LGBT political party in the Philippines.  My personal campaign for Ladlad bore fruit with a descent showing of gay voters in Cagayan de Oro.  I was pumped up and enthusiastic about the party until I corresponded in Facebook with one of their representative in Cebu.

This Ladlad-Cebu representative posted a statement in their Facebook account...."nakakainis talaga sa dami ba naman ng mga boba..."  referring to gay people who could not find the Ladlad name in the ballot.

As a political party in the Philippines, the statement made by the Ang Ladlad-Cebu representative was unprofessional.  Imagine, the Liberal Party or any political party would tell their constituents...boba kayo!  Di ka ba malain ana?  Some people started reacting to this statement including me.  Instead of apologizing for the statement, the representative went on a bitch mode and started picking on people who complained about his statement.  His "supporters" also started harassing me.  After the incident, I asked myself, should support I support this group in the next election?  My answer is NO!  I lost interest in Ladlad.  Bahala mo diha.  Politics whether it is gay or straight is as dirty as ever!

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