Monday, August 6, 2012

Support the RH Bill

I strongly support the Reproductive Health Bill or the RH Bill.  It will provide better health services to women, health information to everyone and control the population of the country.  

Our population is out of control.  That is why the poor remains poor because they have too many mouths to feed.  Imagine a father, earning let say a minimum wage and has a children of 8.  How can you feed 8 children with a minimum wage?  Usually a poor family can only feed properly 1 or 2 children.  So what happens to the rest?  What happens to the 6 unfeed, uneducated and unloved children?  These children usually end up in the streets, begging, stealing and causing problems to society.

This issue also affects us gay people.  Condoms and information about sex should be available to everyone even the poor.  It is because of peoples ignorance that sexually transmitted diseases like HIV AIDS, hepatitis and others are spreading like wild fire in the Philippines.

We have to support this bill.  Our nations future depends on this.  Tell your Congressman to support the bill on August 7!  Stop the debates!  Vote for the RH Bill Now!

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