Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Detect Online Dating Fraud

Good day! A warning to social networking media users (GayRomeo, Facebook and others).  Be careful who you meet or date online.  Several people have already complained of fraud or being swindled by people they met in Cagayan de Oro City.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. When meeting someone online, check their Facebook account or if not see each other through webcam. Today, most people have Facebook or webcams, so if that person does not have one, that is a warning sign.

2. If the person wants to meet with you immediately in your hotel room or apartment, that is a warning sign. Meet this person first in a public area or through webcam. If you do not like the person you are meeting, you can easily leave the place or simply turn off the webcam.

3. If you bring these strangers to your hotel room or apartment/home, make sure the hotel has a CCTV camera and the guy should register or surrender an ID to the hotel receptionist. Better yet, leave your valuables with the hotel receptionist for safe keeping and instruct them never to give it to anyone except you. Take a photo of the guy using your phone and send it to friends. Never go with these guys alone in your home. Always make sure someone is at home with you.

4. If the profile photo is not the same with the actual person you meet, that is a warning sign. Make an excuse and leave immediately.

5. If someone asks you for a night out with his so called "friends and cousins", that is a warning sign. You might end up paying all of the drinks and even more. Sometimes you go out in a date, only to find out that his "cousin" will join you later. If this happens, make an excuse and leave!

6. When in a motel, if the guy insists that you take a shower first, this is a warning sign. This is an opportunity for the swindler to take your belongings and your clothes! If you shower, take your clothes with you inside the bathroom and lock the door.

Share this with friends!  If you have been a victim of these swindlers, REPORT them to the Police!  

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