Sunday, August 19, 2012

Film : Edge of Seventeen

Have you been in this situation?  You have problems reconciling with your sexual identity, your first gay sexual experience, opening up to the world and finding out that it is not what you expect it to be.  I highly recommend you watch this film.  It will bring back a lot of memories ;)  By the way this is not a movie clip but the full film.

"Eric Hunter is a teenage boy just coming to terms with his sexual orientation. He takes up a summer job serving food at the local amusement park together with best friend Maggie. While at the job they befriend their lesbian manager Angie and a gay college student named Rod. Eric gets his first homosexual experience with Rod. Rod however moves back to Ohio leaving Eric thirsty of a boy lover on his last year in High School. A series of events including problems with financing for him to study music in college introduce Eric to the real world."

Synopsis taken from Gaypreviews blogspot.


tonny said...

i see myself in this movie. my first gay sex, my first gay friends, coming out and be myself. thanks for sharing this movie.

DiscreetBai said...

I agree. It is a good movie about coming out. I guess most of us has gone through these things in life.