Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogs and Plagiarism

Senator Vic Sotto is in the hot seat for copying parts of his Anti-RH speech from a US based blog The Healthy Home Economist.

When this issue started gaining ground, Senator Sotto denied at first the accusation, saying that he got his speech from a book author.  Days later his aide, Atty. Hector Villacorta admitted that the speech came from the Healthy Home Economist blog.  They could no longer deny it because the blog author herself, Sarah Pope accused Senator Sotto of plagiarism.  To add insult to injury, the aide said that blogs are meant to be shared (public domain) and is not covered by copyrights law.  You mean anyone can just copy what you post online because it is within the public domain?

Whether it is legal or not any article or written material that you reuse should be properly cited or acknowledged.  As you would notice in this blog, I try my best to acknowledge or determine the source of the photos or articles because it is the RIGHT THING to do.

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Anonymous said...

its not the comedy actor vic sotto who plagirize his speech during the rh bill issue but rahter it was his older brother tito sotto..hehehehe..