Monday, July 16, 2012

Pregnant thief in Cagayan de Oro falls!

When I read this news article about a pregnant woman stealing cellphones from students and teachers, I remembered the robbery incident that happened to my ex-boyfriend in Cebu. (

He was in Ayala Mall with his best friend who just had an eyeball with a "gay" chatter.  They were roaming around the mall and finally decided to eat in McDonalds.  Suddenly the guy asked my ex-boyfriend for his cellphone, "wala daw siya load, paki text sa cellphone".  Without hesitation, my ex-boyfriend gave his cellphone to the guy.  Suddenly he went out of McDonalds, "wala daw signal" and before you can say HOY! he ran out of the mall with his cellphone.

There are so many swindlers out there that we have to be careful who to trust.  Daghan pud mga bayot nga masaligon ug dali ra matonto.  If you get swindled or robbed report it to the police immediately.  Do not just say "charge to experience" because these robbers and swindlers will do it again to another person.  Kung dili na ninyo sila i-report sa pulis, magbalik-balik lang na sila sa ilang pangilad.

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