Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DiscreetBai Blog 1st Anniversary

A year has already passed.  It was like yesterday that I first registered this blog in the name of DiscreetCDO and later changed it to DiscreetBai.com. (http://www.discreetbai.com/2011/10/discreetbaicom.html).

I was hesitant at first to create a blog.  Maintaining a blog has some challenges. You have to read and do some research or else you have nothing to talk about in your blog.  It also takes away some of your precious time.   May lang unta mao kini akong career.

What really convinced me to blog was when DiscreetBai Forum in Webs.com was deleted.  It was a big set back for me.  Instead of crying and feeling helpless of what happened, I went back to the computer and looked for alternative sites.  

One thing I have learned through the years is NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.  As one door closes, another opens.  You just need to persevere.  Maningkamot ka gyud.  Walay makuha nimo kung di ka mosukol ug maningkamot sa imong kaugalingon.  So here I am today, blogging from Cagayan de Oro City and to the world!  If DiscreetBai Forums was not deleted, I would not be blogging today and setting up DiscreetBai.com.

So, to all who have supported and hated this blog.....You complete me! :)  Thank you!

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